Leather Mini SnakeWhip 62cm


♦The total length of the device: 62cm (body – 30cm, cracker – 32cm)
♦All parts are made of 100% calfskin
♦A flexible, resilient multilayer leather core
♦Weight: 100g

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Black Handmade Mini SnakeWhip is a short variation of classic SnakeWhip, doesn’t have a rigid handle. The entire body is flexible and movable. Thanks to this device become more compact. Has a stopper in form of a Turkish Head which won’t let it slip out from your hand. The core is multi-layered with belt leather inserts. It gives the necessary flexibility and additional weight to the whip, which allows influencing the whipping not only on the skin but also on the human muscular tissues

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Leather Mini SnakeWhip 62cm