Black Leather SingleTail Whip Sting 140 cm ‘Sting’


♦The total length: 140 cm (handle with a leash – 70 cm, tail– 70 cm).
♦Material: 100% calfskin
♦A leather-covered plastic handle which continues into a flexible leash
♦Resilient multilayer leather core

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Black Single Tail Whip Sting 140 cm is a classic whip that uses for pinpoint strikes. A huge part of the sound (crack) when using a whip comes from the tip (cracker), so in case you like the cracking sound, you should go for a whip with a relatively long and not too thick tip. Has a standard hard handle and a braided body with a leather multilayer core. As you can see that this device has a tail with a cracker. Thanks to Two Turkish head it becomes more movable than the classic SingleTail whip. Note that this is a rather long device and you need to use it in a large room to take a good swing. It can cause a lot of pain and leave visible marks so use it only to warmed up body and remember about safety

Durable and easy to clean: (doesn’t require special care products). Clean the leather with new foaming agents, that don’t contain soap, with a little water, and don’t dry devices on the battery or the sun.

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Black Leather SingleTail Whip Sting 140 cm ‘Sting’