This is where you can donate to animal welfare, where 100% of your donation actually goes to the animals! At the same time you get quality fetish items, maybe even at a bargain!

If you would help us support our local animal shelter you have come to the right page. Here will hold 6 to 12 yearly product auctions, featuring some of our most popular products not made from animals.

The best part about bidding on products in our charity section is that 100% of the money will go to our local animal shelter. When a charity product sells for say €50, then we will cover the shipping, the payment processor fee and of course the product itself, so that the full €50 will go to the shelter. We also do not send money to the shelter. Instead, one or two times a year, we call the center and ask what they need the most and how we can help. Then we do some shopping, and a couple of persons from our office deliver the products physically to the shelter and stay the day offering practical help. In this way, we secure that 100% of your donation helps animals in need.

Once or twice a year, when we have visited and helped the shelter we will post a charity’s report telling about our visit, and documenting with photos of the visit and receipt of purchases that the money you helped raise actually ended up being spent as promised. You can read our past charity reports in our blogpost that you will find here.

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