Leather Whip Dog with 2 Hard Falls 83cm/32.7″


♦The total length: 83cm/32.7″ (flexible body – 45cm/17.7″, falls – 35cm/13.8″)
♦Detachable falls (black and pink)
♦All parts are made of 100% calfskin
♦A flexible, resilient multilayer leather core
♦Weight: 145 – 150g
♦Has a loop on the end for hanging

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WhipDog is a short whip made of soft leather and doesn’t have a rigid handle. The body is woven with a cone and has a leather multilayer core and ends with a loop for detachable falls. A pretty dangerous device 🙂 Falls (tails) are made of a piece of belt leather so it’s a pretty hard snake whip. Use it briefly, only for straight strokes and cutting broaches. Remember when you apply it to an unheated body, it can leave significant abrasions and bruises. Use it with pleasure and remember about safety, Lightweight, flexible and dangerous whip

Durable and easy to clean: (doesn’t require special care products). Clean the leather with new foaming agents, that don’t contain soap, with a little water, and don’t dry devices on the battery or the sun.

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Weight 0.15 kg

Black, Burgundy, Hot Pink, Maroon, Wine

Leather Whip Dog with 2 Hard Falls 83cm/32.7″