First charity report

The Washington Post gathered information on the number of domestic animals living in 54 countries around the world to find out which animals predominate. According to these data, Ukraine is among the top ten countries in terms of the number of dogs in general and the homeless in particular.

Various sources report that the number of street dogs can reach 10-20 thousand per city (the regional centre). In general, the number of stray dogs is about 40% of the total number of dogs in the country.

“In Ukraine, animals are treated like things,” says Tatiana Gaydamaka, an activist of the animal protection organization FERIK, “A person can take cat or dog, and after a while – “drive it to the village”, leaving a pet for vagrancy and danger. Mongrels in the street – this is the result of wrong people treatment with pets and the lack of sterilization.In Europe and America, these two points have long been main.If the animal is not a brood animal with a stud book, then the owner is required to sterilize it according to the Humane Convention but many people do not sterilize it, ostensibly caring about the health of the animal, but this is nonsense! Fortunately, recently in Ukraine, there appeared many volunteers who deal with this problem. ”

In the majority of regional centres, specialized utility companies have been established, or the functions for regulating the number of homeless animals and handling them have been entrusted to existing utility companies. But the number of existing shelters in Ukraine can provide a roof only 20-30% of the mongrels from their total number. Also, some of such companies are appearing in scandals raised by the defenders of animals. From the overestimation of the number of animals kept, to the inhumane killing of animals that do not have any indications for put to rest.

That is why we consider it necessary to help private shelters.

Beige nubuck SingleTail Whip 145 cm

And now we are happy to report about our first charity help!

One of our charity whips – (Beige nubuck SingleTail Whip 145 cm) was bought by Sarah. Thank you, dear! It’s hard to overestimate your help!

As we promised, the money was donated to charity. Half of the amount was transferred to the Lutsk mini-shelter “Cheerful tail” and Kiev mini-shelter “Cat House“.

For the remaining half amount, it was purchased food for cats (22 kg) and individually brought to the Kherson no-kill shelter “4 Paws“. Here, volunteers with the help of veterinarians try to save the life of animals and give them a chance for a happy life. Mainly there live rescue dogs and cats, but this time we also saw decorative rabbits and ferrets.

We hope it isn’t last time when we with your help donate to the shelters. Check our charity section if you want to buy a great device and make fine gesture!


For many animals there is hope. Often take away young and thoroughbred. People rarely want “problem” animals, old or crippled. Such animals live the in the shelter. Although luck happens to them, some people come to help the most deprived animal. One of the most joyful events in the shelter is when the animal finds a home and a loving owner.

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