Endurance, Care and Storage of leather whip, flogger, harness

As you know, leather is the best material for impact devices in BDSM attributes. This material is practically devoid of any disadvantages, only advantages. But don’t forget that all these depend on the quality of processing and tanning. In our store, all devices manufactured from Rawhide leather.

If we consider the leather as a material for the production of a Knout or a Whip, it is worth mentioning her property to “sticking” to the body, which creates an auxiliary effect that warms up the body.
New things from natural leather, as a rule, have a specific smell (not peculiar to leatherette). If the sharp smell interferes, then you can get rid of it with freshly ground coffee. Sprinkle it on the leather and leave for a whole day. This not recommended for products made of light leather- coffee will leave traces.

No matter how sad it may sound, but, all the devices used for the BDSM-practice, eventually need repair or full replacement.Flogger

Not braided impact devices – carpal and strict floggers, Cossack flogger and flogger with an elongated handle (Palm flogger)- practically don’t need refit (Fuh, good news).

The Cat Whip, regardless of the number of tails, also rarely fails, although lost the initial stiffness of the weaving. But this does not affect the efficiency of the devices

Whip Dog will eventually require the replacement of the fall – a piece of the belt leather, which threaded into the end loop.

leather whip

Totally leather devices – tawse, scourge – can be cut off if the tip of the instrument doesn’t survive after active use, which happens rarely.

The most deformable BDSM device is SingleTail Whip, especially SnakeWhip. With active flagellation weaving may diverge, in this case, the form is lost, and the control of the whip itself becomes complicated. Approximately once a year, SingleTail Whip needs repair.

The Knout is rarely deformed, but for this BDSM device is characterized by the bruising of the cracker during active flagellation.

Rattan, crop, paddle, racket and other spanking devices will be with you until you break them (especially, this is relevant for a rattan cane) or just want to change it.

Quality BDSM devices will serve you for a long time but don’t forget that like any tool they require handling, care and proper storage.


BDSM devices for whipping – Floggers, Whips, Knouts, etc. – you need to store it in a straightened form, better in the suspended condition. You can fold the BullWhips during storage. But remember BDSM fixation - handcuffs, collarsthat with long-term storage the devices may deform.
BDSM fixation devices – collars, hand and ankle cuffs, harness, gags, etc. – can be stored in both expanded and folded form. Do not store leather items in damp areas, and this may lead to deformation and damage.


Like any tool, leather devices require care and cleaning. Cleaning and disinfection should be done manually using a solution of Chlorhexidine (is a disinfectant and antiseptic that use for skin disinfection). After cleaning the device must be dried in a natural way in a straightened form.

Remember: don’t wash by hand or machine way, don’t use alcohol for cleaning.

We don’t recommend wet the leather and wash it with soap and water. Clean the leather with new foaming agents that do not contain soap with a little water, and don’t dry devices on the battery or the sun. When working with a bullwhip is necessary to keep the floor clean in the room where the action takes place.
Do not use mineral or industrial oils for the impregnation of leather devices – they have a detrimental effect on human skin. If you are using Vaseline, the leather whip may become hardens and loses flexibility.

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