Sensory deprivation: free yourself and your mind

In general meaning, sensory deprivation (Latin: sensus – feeling and deprivatio – loss) is a condition in which a person is not satisfied with his physiological, psychological needs. In BDSM culture has, almost, the same meaning, but with a little difference – psychological practice, the restriction of signals coming from … Read more

Lack of freedom frees: Shibari and Bondage

Lack of freedom frees: Shibari and Bondage

Differences between Shibari and Bondage  Some associate BDSM with cruelty and violence in sex. Mostly this is true, but it is only the tip of the iceberg in a world completely opposite to the one in which we all exist. In a nutshell, BDSM  is a subculture based on psychological emancipation … Read more

Handcuffs in BDSM

This device relates to bondage. Handcuffs can be used as for restriction of movement and for hanging, which allows you to make your games harder. Often handcuffs made of a metal or a leather. Leather handcuffs have priorities such as adjustable girth – you can use them on a narrow … Read more

Erotic game shibari: tie me gently

The art of shibari (sibari, kinbaku) arose several centuries ago in Japan as a military discipline. Each warrior should know how to tie the captive enemy so that he could not get free (some variants were intended to strangle a prisoner). But it wasn’t kinbaku in the modern sense; the … Read more


Charity project

We are pleased to present you our CHARITY PROJECT “Pure Heart”. Our goals and objectives differ little from the aspirations of other charitable funds: to help those who need it! We have chosen to help homeless, abandoned and helpless animals, who are waiting for urgent veterinary care in clinics or … Read more