Leather Whip Cat o’Nine Tails 75cm


♦The total length: 75cm (handle – 20cm, tails – 55cm)
♦All parts are made of 100% calfskin
♦Leather-covered plastic handle
♦Number of tails: 9 braided tails
♦Weight: 310g

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Hazelnut Whip Cat o’Nine with Cranberry Tails is a multi-tailed whip with cylindrical weaving tails. These tails are as smooth as possible thanks to the special weaving technique, but they are quite tough) We can say that the cat whip is a mix of a flogger and a classic whip. With a small effort, it inflicts a large number of hits. A fairly hard device. To achieve a significant impact, it is enough to exert much less effort. Can cover large surfaces, but in this case, unlike a flogger, the force influence is quite larger. Due to this, use it on the already warmed-up body. The cat is suitable for working with straight and secant strokes. It originated as an emerged for hard physical punishment. Classic Whip Cat o’Nine Tails in unusual color is a must-have for your collection

Durable and easy to clean: (doesn’t require special care products). Clean the leather with new foaming agents, that don’t contain soap, with a little water, and don’t dry devices on the battery or the sun.

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Leather Whip Cat o’Nine Tails 75cm