Leather Semirigid Flogger 20 Tails 77cm/30.3″


♦ Full lenght: 77cm/30.3″ (handle – 22cm/8.7″, tails – 55cm/21.6″)
♦ Weight:265 – 270g
♦ Leather covered palstic handle
♦ Tails: 20 moderately hard tails
♦ All made of high-quality leather


Semirigid Flogger is a powerful implement for whipping, it’s less dangerous and painful than our Strict Flogger but harder than a classic flogger. Tails made of belt leather and leave a tingling feeling after each lash. Vibrant color surely makes this flogger noticeable.

Durable and easy to clean: (doesn’t require special care products). Clean the leather with new foaming agents, that don’t contain soap, with a little water, and don’t dry devices on the battery or the sun.

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Leather Semirigid Flogger 20 Tails 77cm/30.3″