Gift Cards



Why not treat your Mistress, Master, Wife, Husband, Colleague, Friend or other special person with a Gift Card from Painful Touch?

By gifting a Painful Touch Gift Card, you are giving the perfect cheeky gift, without having to worry about exactly what your recipient  would like. This gives the recipients the opportunity to select, what products is needed to fulfill their dirty fantasies.

You can either choose “Gift to someone else”, or “Send to me” at checkout. If you choose the “Gift to someone else” option, then all you need is the person’s email address, and your gift is on the way. Alternatively, you can choose “Send to me” and receive the Gift Card directly into your own inbox, and print it out as a physical gift card.

The Gift Card is sent from If you do not see it, please check your spam folder, and if sent directly to a recipient that the person have received the email/Gift Card. No worries, even if you “Gift to someone else” you will receive a copy of the Gift Card, so it won’t be lost if by mistake deleted by the receiver. Our support is also just a click of a button away, ready to help with questions or re-sending a Gift Card.

Process; as soon as we have received your order/payment, we will send you an email containing your Painful Touch Gift Card. Then you simply copy paste the Gift Card code from the email, and submit it during the checkout process. This is the same process, if you have gifted a card to someone.

Depending on your type of payment, global location and other factors, some orders are checked manually. If you do not receive your Gift Card right away, this is why. In such case, you should receive your Gift Card at the latest 12 hours after your order was placed, in most cases much faster.


  • Gift Cards do not expire
  • Gift Cards can be spent, during multiple checkouts. Example, if you have a €100 Gift Card and spend €50, then €50 of Gift Card/Store Credits will remain in your account for a future purchase.
  • Gift Cards function as cash money, and can be used in combination with coupon codes
  • Gift Cards are unlike all physical products sold without VAT (even if you are located where VAT is normally added). VAT is instead added when the Gift Card is redeemed, depending on the address of delivery.
  • Gift Cards are delivered digitally, why there is no shipping cost
Gift Cards