Custom Order

Thank you for your interest in placing a custom order with us here at At Painful Touch, we produce most of our products either in-house, or in cooperation with local suppliers. For this reason, we can produce most products in a wide variation of colors and or sizes. That said, we can’t stock every item in many colors or color combinations, so we have chosen a few variants of each product to stock.

The purpose of this page, is to give you an impression of the colors and materials that we have to work with, and produce your favorite product in your favorite color(s).

Important to note understanding our ordering process!

In stock items; If you order an in stock item, then we will always ship it on our next working day. If you place an order during our working day, in most cases, we will even be able to ship on the same day, as the items are in stock and ready to go.

Custom order/items not in stock; If you place a custom order, the situation is slightly different than with in stock items. In most cases, we will be able to produce any custom order with 1-3 working days. That said, there are no guarantees. We could just have run out of the needed material, we could have a huge back order, we could have key staff for the product line on vacation, or various other reasons could cause a production time of up to several weeks or more.

So to sum up. If you need your order fast, we suggest that you pick a product that are in stock and ready to ship, or contact our support for an estimated production time the product in the colors of your liking. If delivery time is not important, but you just need a certain product in a certain color, then go ahead and place your order and we will do our best to have it shipped ASAP. Just keep in mind, no promised shipping date.

Here you can see an overview of the colors, we have to work with within different materials. If a material and color are listed here, then we almost always have it in stock or can get it in stock within a few days. But again, no guarantees. We may also be able to produce in other colors, and often have other colors in stock used for limited editions and one time productions. Please, contact our support if you are looking for a specific color.

To order a product in a not in stock color, there are two options. Order the product that you want in an in stock version, and write in the notes of the order what color that you would like the product in. We will then see the note, and get back to you with an estimated shipping date within two working days. Alternatively, contact our support and have us to manually process your order and give you an estimated shipping time in advance.