Yellow SnakeWhip ‘Snake’s Tongue’ 85cm


♦The total length of the device: 85cm (body – 65cm, tongue – 20cm)
♦All parts are made of 100% calfskin
♦Bifurcated braided fall
♦A flexible, resilient multilayer leather core
♦Well balanced
♦Has a loop on the end for hanging


Whip Snake’s Tongue in vibrant color doesn’t have a rigid handle. The entire body is flexible and movable. Has a forked braided tail at the end which resembles a snake tongue. The core is leather and multi-layered. It gives the necessary flexibility and additional weight to the whip, which allows influencing the whipping not only on the skin but also on the human muscular tissues

Durable and easy to clean: (doesn’t require special care products). Clean the leather with new foaming agents, that don’t contain soap, with a little water, and don’t dry devices on the battery or the sun.

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Yellow SnakeWhip ‘Snake’s Tongue’ 85cm