Small Pink Flogger 40 Tails


Total length of the device: 45 cm (handle – 15 cm, tails – 30cm).
Material: 100% calfskin
Handle: Plastic
Number of tails: 40 pcs
Thickness of leather straps: 1 – 1.5 mm
Item production: Ukraine



Small Pink Flogger 40 Tails offers the widest range of sensations. Due to the flexible and compact handle fits most hands perfectly. The “Turkish head” at the end of the handle makes sure that it will not slip out of your hand. The plus of this flogger is his length – 45 cm. Does not require a strong swing as a flogger 75 cm in length. Perfect for couples who have decided to use BDSM devices for the first time) It should not be confused with carpal floggers that used to apply strokes to delicate areas of the body (the thickness of the tails is the same as for a standard lightweight device).

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