Set Merciless White Cat : Whip Cat o’Five Tails+Mask Cat


Leather Mask “Cat“

Width of straps: 2 cm
Skin thickness: 2,6 mm

Whip Cat o’Five Tails with Red Patent Inser

Total length of device: 80 cm (handle – 20 cm, tails – 60 cm).
Material: 100% calfskinHandle: Plastic
Number of tails: 5 pcs
Thickness of skin straps: 1 – 1.5 mm

Leather White Crop Lotus

Total length of device: 75 cm (handle – 20 cm, stick – 48-49 cm)
Width of Lotus : 10 – 8.5 cm
Leather: 100% calfskin
Handle: Plastic
Core: Leather, multilayer, flexible, resilient
Colour: As picture, Custom
Item production: Ukraine

Leather Harness Double X- Shape

Material: 100% calfskin
Thickness ot skin straps: 3- 3,5 mm; 3,5-4mm
Сountry: Ukraine
Size: S-M
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