Rainbow Elongated Whip Cat o’Seven Tails


Total length of device: 100 cm (handle – 20 cm, leash – 30 cm, tails – 50 cm).
Material: 100% calfskin
Handle: Plastic
Number of tails: 7 pcs
Thickness of skin straps: 1.5 – 2 mm
Color: As picture, Custom
Item production: Ukraine



  • All parts made of calfskin
  • Leather covered handle
  • Well balanced
  • Leather braided tails
  • Reliable loop on the handle for hanging

Rainbow Elongated Whip Cat o’Seven Tails is a multi-tailed whip that originated as an emerged for hard physical punishment.  A great design solution from our master! You could say that it is a mix of a flogger and a classic Whip Cat o’Seven Tails with an elongated handle. The length and look reminds a little about the flogger, while the marks and feel inflicted by the claws/tails fits the style of a whip. Are mostly used for harder punishments All of our whips are handmade of genuine leather and of the highest quality. Pick you favourite look and colour for your collection. Play safe.

The colour of the products may slightly vary from the pictures shown due to lighting condition, shooting angle, different monitor

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