Leather Brown Paddle With Lacquered Tough Handle


Total length of device: 55 cm (handle 20 cm, slapper 35 cm)
Slapper width: 6.5 cm
Thickness of leather: 4 mm, 2 layers of leather glued and stitched
Leather: 100% calfskin, patent leather
Handle: Plastic
Core: Leather, multilayer, flexible, resilient
Color: As picture
Item production: Ukraine



Leather Brown Paddle With Lacquered Tough Handle is an unusual spanking tool. Consists of a rigid handle braided with soft patent calfskin. At the end has slapper, which is a two-piece belt leather. Leather strips are glued and stitched around the perimeter.

Decorative lacing at the base of the slapper gives the device a sophistication. Thanks to the forked end, striking harder with less effort and makes an awesome sound 🙂

A quality paddle is handmade out of high-quality calfskin leather. Comfy handle fits most hands perfectly. Two round Turkish heads are used not only for nice look, but also for stoppers.

We recommend to use paddle only on buttocks. When it is used on other parts of the body, not so soft as buttoсks, can cause a severe damage to the skin. Play safe!

The colour of the products may slightly vary from the pictures shown due to lighting condition, shooting angle, different monitor

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