Coral Whip Dog 85 cm


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Total length of device: 85 cm (flexible leash – 50 cm, fall – 35 cm)
Material: 100% calfskin
Handle: Plastic
Core: Leather, multilayer
Colour: As picture, Custom
Item production: Ukraine

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  • All parts made of calfskin
  • Leather covered handle
  • Removable fall
  • Leather multilayer core
  • Well balanced
  • Reliable loop on the handle for hanging

Coral Whip Dog 85 cm is a very useful device with a broad range of applications and adjustable impact strength. It is a short whip made of soft leather with a strong braided handle. The body woven with a cone and has a leather multilayer core and ends with a loop. In this loop, you can insert different falls. This Whip Dog comes with a fall made of a thick belt leather. In this form can be a very dangerous device)) Use it briefly, only for straight strokes and cutting broaches. Remember when you apply it on an unheated body, it can leave significant abrasions and bruises.

If the fall replaced with a weaved cotton rope – the dog turns into an entirely harmless device. In this form, it can be operated with virtually no restrictions (except for hazardous areas of impact).

The colour of the products may slightly vary from the pictures shown due to lighting condition, shooting angle, different monitor

Please read this information before ordering!!!

Colour: If you choose variation CUSTOM please select colour from our colour chart and specified your choice in the order form

Manufacturing time: As this product is handmade, you should expect a 15-25 day manufacturing time

Shipping (standard) usually takes 7-21 days to the most of the countries. This term is not included in the manufacturing time

1 review for Coral Whip Dog 85 cm

  1. Sub Ted

    I was a shaking mess when Miss had finished with me. I got 206 strokes plus of the Dog whip!

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