Classic Crop 73 cm with Red’n’Black Handle


Total length of device: 73 cm (handle – 20 cm, stick – 48-49 cm, slapper 5-6 cm)
Width of  Slapper : 2.5 – 3 cm
Leather: 100% calfskin
Handle: Plastic
Core: Leather, multilayer, flexible, resilient
Item production: Ukraine



Classic Crop 73 cm with Red’n’Black Handle has a rigid handle and a flexible base (stick), braided with soft calfskin. A slapper at the end of the crop made of the belt leather, consist of two pieces of leather sewn around the entire perimeter. A long-range device for impact play. If you just start with this, remember don’t rush. It can be a little bit painful for your partner at the first time. The long, flexible crop gives great feeling during your play. Different variants of tips, while struck, affecting the nerve endings of your body and bring unforgettable pleasure. This is an amazing excitatory device. Reliable loop on the handle will not let the crop slip during the game. End of the handle decorated with round Turkish head. We recommended using only slaps at the end of the device. The strength of their impact is small but quite sharp, and therefore often used for disciplinary purposes. The effect of the sewn slapper is quite hard.

The colour of the products may slightly vary from the pictures shown due to lighting condition, shooting angle, different monitor

Please read this information before ordering!!!

Colour: If you choose variation CUSTOM please select colour from our colour chart and specified your choice in the order form

Manufacturing time: As this product is handmade, you should expect a 15-25 day manufacturing time

Shipping (standard) usually takes 7-21 days to the most of the countries. This term is not included in the manufacturing time

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