Classiсck jute rope for shibari

Classiс jute rope for shibari from Ukraine


Length: 8 m – natural jute;
– 6mm;
– treated / colored;
– 3 strand;

Produced in Ukraine

Breaking load – 221kgf

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Classical rope for shibari. It is the jute rope 6 mm thick that is used by most Japanese masters of kinbaku.

Great for linking your partner.
Jute rope is considered classic for bondage. The rope is rough to the touch, slightly prickly, which will give additional sensations when bondage for your lower partner. In doing so, it is soft in the folds, perfectly holds the knots. Such a rope does not slip, does not stretch.
Breaking load – 220 kg.

This option will be convenient if you want to cut a set of ropes for your own length, convenient for you. You can also purchase a complete set of five or eight lengths of 8 m.

Please read this information before ordering!!!

Manufacturing time: As this product is handmade, you should expect a 7-21 day manufacturing time

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