The floggers – a device that consists of a rigid handle and “tails”, cut from a sheet of skin.
The total length of the tails ranges from 20 to 80 cm. With the increase of tails length, enhances the intensity of the impact that can be quite painful. The number of tails can range from 6-8 up to 40-60 pieces. Tail width ranges from 4 to 15 mm, and, as a rule, the thicker the skin is taken for tails than smaller is the width of the strips.
So flogger tails of most rough skin in almost square section. Flogger turns hard and can cut the skin on impact.
With increasing the amount of the tails, enhances the impact area and thus decrease pain.
Depending on the thickness and structure of the skin, flogger can be mild “warm-ups” device and dangerous, rough tool for impact. How to care for leather products you can find out by reading our article.

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